Collective2 was founded in 2001. Our mission is to replace the entire hedge fund industry. (The cure for polio and the moon landing having already been taken, alas.)

We want to make hedge-fund strategies accessible to regular people, in regular brokerage accounts.

We want to allow great traders, algo developers, and quants to sell their “alpha” directly to investors.

We believe that “hedge funds” (obscure legal entities, elaborate partnerships, management overhead) can be replaced by beautiful software. Thus the C2 Platform was born.

We invite talented people, software developers, corporate partners, and people of good will and warm cheer, to join us.

Corporate Information

Collective2 was founded by Matthew Klein. Previously, Matthew founded Release Software Corporation and TechPlanet, Inc. Both were venture-capital funded start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Collective2 is a privately-held company based in Westchester County, about 30 miles outside New York City. It employs and collaborates with programmers, companies, and corporate partners in many countries around the world.

Collective2 LLC is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA).

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