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The World's First Anti Hedge Fund

Collective2 is everything a hedge fund is not.

Hedge funds are

Collective2 is

An industry ripe for disruption

Hedge funds were invented over fifty years ago, and they haven’t changed much since: a “superstar” genius manager, a secretive strategy, an opaque and complex legal entity into which investors are requires to “lock up” their funds.

Collective2 reinvents this: full transparency, hundreds — even thousands — of strategy managers around the world, full comfort that your funds remain inside your own account.

"Passive, Passive, Passive!" they shout.

pie 45%


of U.S. stock-based assets are passively managed as of March 2019.

Everyone thinks “passive investing” will rule the world. Collective2 still believes in active investing.

the best investment strategies can come from... anywhere

Collective2 asks: Which is more likely?

That one genius Ivy-League educated, English-speaking New York resident has figured out how to beat the market for decades at a time… and can deploy billions of dollars to do so…

Or, that market-beating strategies (if they exist) are more likely to be created by obscure scientists and traders, in out of the way places, deployable at small quantities of capital.

If you believe the second hypothesis, rather than the first, we have a web site we’d like to tell you about. (Hint: this one.)

How Collective2 started

Founded out of Matthew’s desire to reform the (irredeemable, fundamentally broken, hopeless) hedge-fund industry

Matthew has a very personal interest in reforming the hedge fund industry. Growing up, he watched his father deal with unscrupulous hedge funds, lack of transparency, illiquidity, and dishonest marked-to-market accounting — all problems Collective2 was designed to solve.

18 years

We’ve been around since 2001

52 million dollars invested. A trillion dollars more to go.


Investing strategies evaluated so far

Investors have attached $52 million dollars to Collective2’s platform so far.* That means there are still a trillion or so more dollars that Collective2 does not yet manage. That’s fine. Gives us something to do. 

U.S. regulated

We are members of the NFA and registered with the CFTC*

* As of November 2019.

* P.S. Just because we're regulated by U.S. agencies does not mean using C2 is without risk, but it does mean we must follow U.S. rules

When you start a revolution, you can proudly announce: "We are revolting."

Oh wait a second. That’s not quite right. Anyway, if you are interested in Collective2, and this new kind of investing platform we are building, then we’d like to hear from you.


Collective2 is a fully remote team distributed around the globe. Sometime we have job openings.


We have interesting stories to tell. If you are a member of the media, let’s get in touch.


We welcome opportunities to collaborate with other firms in the financial industry.

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