Over 15 years ago, Collective2 revolutionized the world of automated trading.

Today, Collective2’s platform is the leader in the rapidly growing automated trading industry. We track more systems, have more users, and facilitate more real-life trades than any other public automated trading platform.*

We continue to set standards for power, breadth, and ease-of-use. We welcome software developers, service providers, and brokers to join us and build products and services using Collective2 technology.

Corporate Information

Collective2 was founded by Matthew Klein. Previously, Matthew founded Release Software Corporation and TechPlanet, Inc. Both were venture-capital funded start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Collective2 is a privately-held company based in Westchester County, about 30 miles outside New York City. It employs and collaborates with programmers, companies, and corporate partners in many countries around the world.

Collective2 LLC is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA).

*Based on publicly available information from private companies (press releases, Web sites) about the number of systems, the number of registered users, and the trading volume initiated by English-language Web sites that are publicly-accessible.

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