Collective2 API4

Write your own software to control Collective2.

What you can do

If you’re a software developer, we encourage you to write software for Collective2. Whether you want to build an application for your own private use, or a product or service to offer to others, we’ll try to help you with your development effort. With API4, you can control your own strategies, or manage your own subscriptions. If you are interested in running a white-labeled version of Collective2, you can use API4 to manage a growing number of functions.

If you’re a strategy manager on C2, you’ll probably want to start by using the API to publish trading signals into your strategy. You can read about this here.


Profile and Subscriptions


Manage Strategies and Subscribers


Manage Live Orders and Positions

White Label

For market professionals, brokers and educators

Create your API key

The first step is creating an API Key. It's takes just a minute.


Login to C2, then  go to your profile and select the API Key tab

Yes, you will find detailed documentation here

We don’t provide a separate test environment, but you can easily create test strategies for the Strategies endpoints. General and Autotrade endpoints only use real data.

Yes you can. Our documentation provides examples in many languages.

You can ask questions on our Forum, or contact us at 

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