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Trading Strategies of the Week: Smart Volatility Long & Short

David Juday is making bets like Solomon in Ecclesiastes, that ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ ”Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: MomentumInvesting UCGG

Roland Manuhutu combines momentum and value approaches to achieve long term profits. Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: ConservProfit

Trading stocks is so boring, it's one step away from being dead. For Glenn Grider, forex is where the action is. Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: Moab

Mark Levy's background is in the Texas oil business. He lives on a mountaintop, where coyotes sing him to sleep. He buys and sells currencies, focusing on countries with a dependence on natural resources.Read More
Guest Author

The Myth of “Money Always Finds Its Most Efficient Home”

In March 2011, I began a literary journey that would last over 3000 hours, 200 weekends, 20 business trips, and would finally see its completion five and a half years later in October 2016. That journey was my 580-page book, The Global Macro Edge: Maximizing Return Per Unit-of-Risk. Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: Futures Timer

Six years ago, Jim Totaro joined Collective2. He ran one of C2's most popular trading strategies. Then, abruptly, he walked away. Now he's back, with a new strategy, and a new attitude.Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: JC Alpha

In 2013 and 2014, JC Alpha stunk up the place, severely underperforming the S&P. For the past 19 months, it has beaten the market... tremendously. Strategy Developer João Carvalho tells us why.Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: Charise Francesca

He's technical. She's empathetic. He's country. She's rock-and-roll. He loves to trade treasury-note futures. She... well, she loves to trade treasury-note futures, too. No wonder they make a great team.Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: SPXTrends Futures

Francisco London has combined 25 different strategies into one; the result is a Frankenstein-like creature, but without the black forehead stitches or weird electric neck bolts.Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: Just Forex Trades

Jay McGivney violates every rule in the forex rulebook.Read More

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