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Strategy Spotlight: EF Futures

This week we spoke to Collective2 Trade Leader Emanuele Frisa about his S&P Emini Futures strategy EF Futures. Read More
EF Futures Tile

Chain, chain…chain. Options Chain.

Starting today, C2 strategy managers can trade options using the new C2 Webtrader.   You can access the C2 Webtrader from the C2 Quick Trade screen.  Read More

How do you advertise your company when you’re not really allowed to advertise?

When Americans are children, they learn how business works. You advertise a product. People see your ad, decide the product interests them, and pay you. Read More

Where are the big, fat, lazy industries we’re trying to disrupt?

When’s the last time we all enjoyed a good “Lazy Stupid Company Destroyed By Tiny Upstart” story? It’s been way too long. Read More
Blockbuster Video, circa 2003

“If a trading strategy is so great, why sell it on Collective2? Why not just keep it to yourself and earn a zillion dollars?”

If you create a good trading strategy, why let other people use it for a modest amount of money, rather than keeping it all to yourself? Actually, there are several reasons. Read More

Silicon Valley, here come the mobs with pitchforks

Hello, Silicon Valley, welcome to my world.Welcome to the world of demagogues, of crowds with pitchforks, of mobs with torches. They’re coming for you. Do you hear them? They’re outside your window, braying for blood. Your blood. Read More

What’s New At C2 – Improved Leaderboard To Quickly Find Your First or Next Strategy

We rolled out several enhancements to the Leaderboard this week to pack more on each page and make it more useful to research strategies. Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: Average Expectancy250k

David Zaitzeff dives into his various trading philosophies. Read More

Collective2 Adds Support for Cboe Bitcoin Futures

Bitcoin came into existence nearly a decade ago in 2008 when a mysterious, and still anonymous, programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto created the mathematics and transactional engine (the "blockchain") that now, after several years of unprecedented, meteoric growth, have given way to a new asset class - "cryptocurrencies." Read More

Passive Investing: Perfect for This Age of Passive, Wimpy Men

You think Alexander the Great would have cared which ETF had the lowest cost basis? You think Napoleon would have worried about tax-loss harvesting? Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: 25k E-mini SP500 Portfolio

Statistician Andrés Padrones puts real money behind his algorithmic trading strategies. Read More

Why Only Sorbonne-Educated, Literature Ph.D.s Should Cut Your Hair

You get a haircut every few weeks. Everyone does. Men, women, children. Even balding men need a trim occasionally (as I’m finding out, sadly).But what if I told you that you’ve been doing this all wrong? Read More

Trading Strategies of the Week: Smart Volatility Long & Short

David Juday is making bets like Solomon in Ecclesiastes, that ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ ” Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: MomentumInvesting UCGG

Roland Manuhutu combines momentum and value approaches to achieve long term profits. Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: ConservProfit

Trading stocks is so boring, it's one step away from being dead. For Glenn Grider, forex is where the action is. Read More
Trading System of the Week

Trading Strategy of the Week: Moab

Mark Levy's background is in the Texas oil business. He lives on a mountaintop, where coyotes sing him to sleep. He buys and sells currencies, focusing on countries with a dependence on natural resources. Read More
Guest Author

The Myth of “Money Always Finds Its Most Efficient Home”

In March 2011, I began a literary journey that would last over 3000 hours, 200 weekends, 20 business trips, and would finally see its completion five and a half years later in October 2016. That journey was my 580-page book, The Global Macro Edge: Maximizing Return Per Unit-of-Risk. Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: Charise Francesca

He's technical. She's empathetic. He's country. She's rock-and-roll. He loves to trade treasury-note futures. She... well, she loves to trade treasury-note futures, too. No wonder they make a great team. Read More

Trading Strategy of the Week: Just Forex Trades

Jay McGivney violates every rule in the forex rulebook. Read More

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