Collective2 vs. eToro

Are you a trader, system developer, or programmer of trading algorithms? Compare the differences between eToro and Collective2.

Collective2 is the better choice. Join the world’s largest trading-strategy platform, and publish your trades on Collective2.

National Futures Association member, registered with CFTC, operates under USA futures regulations checkbox-hex-orange   
Tacks on surcharge to your per-trade fees; makes extra money each time you trade No way! YES
Works with multiple brokers. checkbox-hex-orange No. You have to use eToro’s brokerage.
Allows trading of USA exchanges checkbox-hex-orange   
Supports programmers who code “algos” in the form of software programs. checkbox-hex-orange   
Supports non-programmers who publish trading track record directly from brokerage account. checkbox-hex-orange   
Supports traders who build strategies with TradeStation, NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, and IQBroker


How do strategy developers earn money?

Charge a monthly subscription fee, as much as you like.

Get a sliver of a “pip” when people trade.

How much money can a strategy developer / trade leader make?



Supports U.S. stocks? checkbox-hex-orange  
Supports U.S. futures? checkbox-hex-orange  
Supports forex? checkbox-hex-orange
Supports options? checkbox-hex-orange   


Join our Growing Community
of Strategy Managers

Rik Kwan

Trade Leader | Charise Francesca

We love the transparency and features of Collective2’s web site, and its integrity as an organization. We love the fact that C2 is a technical website, and not a “dumbed down” mainstream consumer portal. Everything — from The Grid, to writing queries using C2 Explorer — is designed for trading professionals.

Jay McGivney

Trader Leader | Just Forex Trades

It's a great platform. It's great on a couple of levels. For strategy managers, it's a way to prove your value in a verifiable, trusted way. For investors, it's a way to find strategies that are compatible with your risk tolerance and profit objectives. And I just love, love, love its radical transparency. Everything is just out there for people to see, and to study.

Francisco London

Strategy Manager | SPX Trends Futures

Collective2 lets the numbers speak for themselves. There’s really no better way for a trader to get noticed, and to do it on a trusted, verifiable platform. C2 is a great place to launch a career in the financial industry. And for subscribers, it’s a great place to find tomorrow’s stars before they become stars.

João Carvalho

Trade Leader | JC Alpha

The C2 team is professional and courteous, and the AutoTrade technology works brilliantly. I recently personally experienced this when I signed up to use Interactive Brokers, and I linked it to my Collective2 account: executions happen almost instantly, at nearly identical prices to the models. Overall, the platform is amazing. The statistics are deep and useful, the layout is clean and easy to use.

Ron Kapar

Strategy Manager | Universal

I really admire what Collective2 has built. As an IT professional, I can see that it’s an immense accomplishment — an entire middleware stack connecting trading strategies to brokers. It’s really well-done, and I’m glad to be a part of it.