Collective2 Astounds World By Releasing New Version of Corporate Web Site

Rye Brook, NY — August, the platform which connects investors with traders, today astounded much of the world by announcing a new version of its corporate web site, The new web site features things such as graphics, and also a “How Collective2 Works” video that plays in a pop-up window whenever a visitor presses a little on-screen arrow.

“I am very happy that our new web site uses that little arrow thingy,” said Matthew Klein, CEO of “Other web sites also have a similar arrow thingy to launch videos, but our site’s arrow thingy is much, much better.”

The new version of the web site was the result of many tens of thousands of dollars spent on consultants, web designers, and programmers. “Yeah, it’s money down the toilet,” Klein admitted. “But that arrow thing! Did I mention that arrow thing?”

About Collective2

Collective2 is an investing web site. Great traders from around the world ask Collective2 to track their brokerage results in real-time. Then other investors can “subscribe” to these traders, and automatically follow their trades in their own brokerage account.

Collective2 was founded in 2001. It has more than 90,000 registered users. Over $35 million dollars of investor capital is connected to the Collective2 platform.


Collective2 Media Contact:
Roderick Casilli


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