Compatible Brokers

We support a growing list of brokers, and many new ones will be added soon. Remember that the broker you choose will depend on what kind of system you want to trade. To trade a forex system, you’ll need a broker that allows forex trading, for example.

Here is a list of currently supported brokers:

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C2-Preferred Brokers

C2-Preferred Brokers let you AutoTrade as much as you like, as often as you like, for one flat monthly $99 AutoTrade fee.
No per-trade AutoTrade charges. (Of course regular broker commissions apply.)

Broker Forex Futures Stocks Options C2-Preferred?  
Interactive Brokers           Open Account
GAIN Capital           

All C2-compatible AutoTrade brokers

Broker Forex Futures Stocks Options C2-Preferred?  
AMP Clearing            
BeTrader        + CFDs      
Capital 19             
Daniels Trading            
Gain Capital            
Interactive Brokers              
MB Trading (now part of TradeKing)                
NinjaTrader Brokerage            
High Ridge Futures            
CTS Platform (any broker) †            
CQG Platform (any broker) †            
Rithmic Platform (any broker) †            

BeTrader. Available only to customers in Israel. BeTrader supports futures, forex, stocks, and options and CFDs for stocks.

Capital 19. Available only to customers in Australia.

  No naked short option sales.

  Supports U.S. futures exchanges only.

  Available only for customers outside the U.S.

† Any broker. These are software platforms used by many different brokerage firms. If your broker supports any of these platforms, then your account is compatible with C2 AutoTrading. We’ll need to communicate with your broker and get their approval in order to enable your account. Want us to reach out to your broker on your behalf?
Let us know.

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