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1. Earn money selling your signals

Publish your system. Perform well. Get paid.

Collective2 has 90,000+ members.

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2. Offer auto trading to clients

Make your strategy “auto-tradable” instantly.

Push button connections to the most brokers.

3. Trade what you want

Whatever you trade, we’ve got you covered.

Stocks, options, futures & forex.

4. Six ways to submit your trade

Let’s count them.

Web, broker, API, SEETU language, email, popular platforms.

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5. Manage your business

You trade. We take care of the rest.

Awesome subscriber management tools, custom price breaks, electronic coupons.

6. Protect your intellectual property

Reveal what you want.

Your edge and secret trading sauce remains with you.

Traders using Collective2 and what they are saying about it

Thousands of serious traders, passionate about the markets and producing alpha, choose to publish their strategies on the C2 platform. In their owns words…

Rik Kwan

Trade Leader | Charise Francesca

We love the transparency and features of Collective2’s web site, and its integrity as an organization. We love the fact that C2 is a technical website, and not a “dumbed down” mainstream consumer portal. Everything — from The Grid, to writing queries using C2 Explorer — is designed for trading professionals.

Francisco London

Strategy Manager | SPX Trends Futures

Collective2 lets the numbers speak for themselves. There’s really no better way for a trader to get noticed, and to do it on a trusted, verifiable platform. C2 is a great place to launch a career in the financial industry. And for subscribers, it’s a great place to find tomorrow’s stars before they become stars.

John Netto

Trade Leader | Protean & Author 'The Global Macro Edge'

Manager talent will be sourced in much different ways in the years to come when compared to the past. Web portals like Collective2 will be important third-party verification venues for trading talent. Increasingly, market participants without a Wall Street pedigree have the opportunity to display their talents on an apple-to-apples basis across all strata of their money management brethren.

João Carvalho

Trade Leader | JC Alpha

The C2 team is professional and courteous, and the AutoTrade technology works brilliantly. I recently personally experienced this when I signed up to use Interactive Brokers, and I linked it to my Collective2 account: executions happen almost instantly, at nearly identical prices to the models. Overall, the platform is amazing. The statistics are deep and useful, the layout is clean and easy to use.

Glenn Grider

Strategy Manager | ConservProfit

As a forex guy, I’m familiar with some of the so-called “social trading” companies, mostly based in Europe. I prefer the Collective2 way of doing things. Collective2 lets me charge a flat monthly subscription fee for my strategy, rather than marking up spreads or charging extra commissions.

Jay McGivney

Trader Leader | Just Forex Trades

It's a great platform. It's great on a couple of levels. For strategy managers, it's a way to prove your value in a verifiable, trusted way. For investors, it's a way to find strategies that are compatible with your risk tolerance and profit objectives. And I just love, love, love its radical transparency. Everything is just out there for people to see, and to study.

Roland Manuhutu

Trader Leader | MomentumInvesting UCGG

I love the promise of Collective2, which boils down to this: if you are able to find a good trader on the platform, then you can latch on to him or her, and achieve the same results in your own brokerage account… without doing any of the work.

Mark Levy

Trader Leader | Moab

I love C2’s large community of users. Having this community means that strategy developers like myself can focus on developing their trading strategies, while letting C2 take care of day-to-day platform and software management.
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