I want to invest, trade, speculate on autopilot.

Run the latest automated trading strategies inside your personal brokerage account.

How Collective2 works

Choose strategies. Stick in brokerage account. Rinse. Repeat.

Trading strategy developers all around the world “run” their strategies on Collective2. This lets us see real-time performance.

We mathematically evaluate and rank all strategies. You choose one, or two… or ten… strategies to use in your own personal brokerage account.

Trades are placed automatically, at trade sizes that make you comfortable. You can even watch trades as they happen.

Don’t worry.

It’s not like you’re signing away your first-born child. Just try us out.

Money stays in your brokerage account at all times

Start and stop at any time

We are a U.S.-regulated company, based in New York

Collective2 sounds kind of weird.

Well, it is, sort of. We’re unlike other investing choices you may be familiar with. Here’s how we compare.

Hedge Funds

You need to have $2 million dollars … and generally more
You pay a % of profits
You hand your money to the hedge-fund manager, and trust him or her to return it
You rely on the hedge-fund manager to “value” certain holdings. If the manager claims you made a profit, you need to pay fees to the manager.
Want your money back? You need to ask. Often the manager is legally allowed to hold on to it, for a very, very long time.


Minimum investment: as low as $5K for certain small strategies. But generally, between $50K and $500K.
Flat monthly fees
Your money stays in YOUR account. Always
No “funny stuff.” Just look in your brokerage account to see how you’re doing. Don’t need to ask Collective2.
Want your money back? Just say to yourself: “Self, I want my money back.” And then take it out of your brokerage account. Because: your money never leaves your hands. It’s yours.


Awesome product! Really great answer for most of your money.
Boring as heck.
Passive Investing
Set it… and forget it. Just put your money in… and go away.


Awesome product! Really great answer for a small portion of your money.
Wow. Why should investing be boring?
Active Investing
Set it… and… stick around. If you like. Monitor, and adjust. Or… walk away and let it do its own thing.

Trading your own account

It’s fun to be in control.
A lot of work: researching, implementing, measuring.
When your trading method stops working, you are S.O.L.
You only have one brain, one perspective, one set of ideas.


It’s fun to be in control.
Simple: make a decision, point, and click.
When one strategy stops working, switch to another. We have thousands. Dozens are added every day.
We have thousands of Strategy Managers, thousands of ideas, thousands of perspectives.

Real-estate Investing

At least it’s not often correlated to the stock market
Vacancies make you sad
Receive phone calls when the toilet clogs


At least it’s not often correlated to the stock market.
No vacancies to make you sad
No toilets, no phone calls

Where Collective2 fits in your Portfolio

Most investment firms tout “safety” and downplay risk. We do the opposite. The entire point of Collective2 is risk. Not “let’s-go-crazy” risk. Not “throw-caution-to-the-wind” risk.

Most of your money

Conservative Pie
  • Robo-advisors
  • IRAs
  • Bonds
  • Mutual Funds


Small sliver

  • Collective2


Tiny bits

Crazy Pie
  • Watches
  • Exotic real estate
  • Fine art
  • Ancient coins
  • Memorabilia
  • Vintage wines

Bat-shit crazy

Polygon Science Icon

Wait a second. Risk is good?

We're not the only ones who suggest that, for some investors, adding a small sprinkle of risk to a portfolio is good. The idea that risk is okay was famously proposed by Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan. Taleb suggests that, for some investors, an optimal investment strategy is 90% in “very safe” things such as treasury bonds, and 10% in “extreme” investments with highly variable outcomes. Collective2 is perfect for that 10%. Here at Collective2, the outcomes can be extreme variable -- with the possibility of losing everything… but also the possibility of doing very well.

Not ready to invest real capital?

Put together a Simulated Portfolio and learn how Collective2 works.

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P.S. Are you a strategy manager who wants to have a strategy evaluated by Collective2?

Put your strategy on the Collective2 platform. Run your own hedge fund without… um, starting a hedge fund. No heartache. No hassle. Get up and running in minutes, not months.

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How to get started with Collective2?

Your brokerage account + Our technology magic = brokeragenologymagic.
Wait a second. Is that a word?

How to get started illustration How to get started connection

Open an account at Interactive Brokers or one of our other partners. Fund the account with your risk capital.

How to get started illustration How to get started connection

Select a strategy on Collective2. (Or two or three or four.) Need hints? Go to our “Leader Board” to see the top-ranked strategies

How to get started illustration How to get started connection

Type in your account number at Collective2. After you sign a few electronic documents, trading will automatically begin.

How to get started illustration How to get started connection

You can see watch trades as they happen. Or you can go play golf.

How to get started illustration

Check in and see how things are going. Don’t like a strategy, or getting disappointing results? Turn off the strategy instantly. You can easily switch to a new strategy.

A few of the strategies on Collective2

Collective2 is continually evaluating and ranking new strategies.

All results are hypothetical. Trading is risky, and you can lose money. Past results are not indicative of future results. And sure, these pictures look pretty great, but remember we’re showing you only the best strategies. There were others that frankly stunk up the place. Collective2 is not appropriate for everyone. If you can’t afford to lose money, C2 probably isn’t right for you. Please see important warnings and disclosures at bottom of page.

A technology company that plays by the rules.

Maybe you’ve heard about those Silicon Valley companies that “move fast and break things.” Or who: “Ask forgiveness, not permission.”

We’re not like that. We’ve been around since 2001. We try to step lightly. We try not to break things. We are based in the United States. C2 (and its affiliate) are registered with the CFTC as both a CTA and an IIB. We have been members of the NFA since 2008. Of course this does not mean our customers won’t lose money. But it does mean we are a company that tries to comply with the rules and regulations that were put in place to offer investors confidence in American financial markets.

  • 2000

    Matthew Klein founds Collective2


  • 2005

    Collective2 Registers with CFTC and becomes NFA member


  • 2010

    Collective2 begins support for Interactive Brokers’ accounts


  • 2015

    C2Star introduced


  • 2020
  • 2025

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