Start your own hedge fund…

(without starting a hedge fund).

The Collective2 Platform allows you to manage assets through a regular brokerage account, or through your favorite trading software.

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The Collective2 Platform is the best way to start a hedge fund, without actually starting a hedge fund.


No legal hassles

Your customers trade in self-directed brokerage accounts, pay flat fees, and keep funds under their own control, so there’s minimal regulatory hassle to get up and running.

Get paid

You’ll be paid a flat fee for every “subscriber” who replicates your trades. No performance fees, no high-water marks, no off-shore or on-shore entities, no partnerships or corporations. Just trade, dammit.

Get started in the asset management industry

Breaking into the world of asset management has always been challenging. Use C2 to build a verifiable track record… and get paid while you do it. Later, use your C2 track record as your calling card.

There’s really no better way for a trader to get noticed, and to do it on a trusted, verifiable platform. Collective2 is a great place to launch a career in the financial industry. And for subscribers, it’s a great place to find stars before they become stars.

Francisco London, Strategy Manager


Asset Management
Find Investors

Use C2 to find investors

Collective2 is used by thousands of investors looking for emerging managers and strategies

C2 is a great platform. For strategy managers, it’s a way to prove your value in a verifiable, trusted way. For investors, it’s a way to find strategies that are compatible with risk tolerance and profit objectives. And I just love, love, love its radical transparency.

Jay McGivney, Strategy Manager


Are you a Investor?

Interested in investing in hedge-funds, but don’t want to lock up large amounts of capital, or deal with zero transparency, or trust someone else to hold your money? The Collective2 Platform lets you trade hedge-fund strategies in your own brokerage account, at investment sizes you are comfortable with. The money stays in your account.

How does it work?

To manage assets on the C2 Platform, you create a Model Account, which your investors will follow.

You can manage your Model Account in several ways:


Enter buys and sells using WebTrader.

If you’ve ever used an online broker, you’ll know how to use WebTrader. Just point, click, and trade.


Use your favorite trading software.

Are you a power user of TradeStation? NinjaTrader? MetaTrader? AlgoTerminal? Use our PlatformTransmit technology to connect your software to your C2 Model Account.


Use our API.

Roll your own code using our RESTful API.


Send an email.

We know, it’s so 1999. But if you can send a few lines of text in an email, you can manage your Model Account at Collective2.


Connect your real-life brokerage account.

Use our amazing BrokerTransmit technology to drive your Model Account. We’ll replicate whatever happens in your brokerage account so that the same buys and sells happen in your Collective2 Model Account.

(Then, in turn, your subscribers will replicate your Model within their brokerage accounts. Mind-blowing? We agree.)

Plus you’ll automatically earn “Trades Own Strategy” certification, which comforts potential subscribers that you have your own real money on the line.


Protecting your Intellectual Property

When it comes to developing trading strategies, your Intellectual Property is priceless. On Collective2 your IP is protected. That’s because you keep it, and never show it to us. The method you use for generating your buy and sell signals stays in your hands. You never give it to us. We never evaluate it. You only issue buys and sells as they happen. We track the results.

Earn money

How much money can you earn on Collective2? As our platform grows, and Platform Attached Assets grow, our leading Strategy Developers earn more money every day.

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Earn Money

Top-earning strategy developers on Collective2 Platform

Earnings of Top 20 Strategy Managers on the C2 Platform, as of February 1, 2019.

Chart earn money


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Published strategy in C2 marketplace.

Instant autotrading at supported brokers

Subscriber management tools

Enhanced management tools
(Custom price breaks, coupons)

Promote strategy with social sharing links

Strategy track record reset
($30 reset fee applies)

Number of strategies

Supported instruments to trade

Starting model portfolio size

Eligible for Featured Strategy Status

Eligible for C2Star Certification


Enter and manage signals

Higher Payouts available for TOS certified strategies
(Top earning trade leaders on C2)





  • Manage 1

  • Futures or Forex

  • Up to $10,000

  • C2 Webtrader web interface

  • 50% payout of subscriber fees

  • Email

$39 $390



  • Manage 1

  • Stocks, Options, Futures, or Forex

  • Up to $50,000

  • C2 Webtrader or connectors

  • 50% payout of subscriber fees

  • Live chat and email

These are prices for being a Strategy Manager on Collective2.

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