Partnering with C2

At Collective2, we are always keen to work with companies and individuals in the trading, investing, and financial services space to find ways to expand the reach of our technology, platform, and services.

Here are a few offerings and programs designed specifically for Broker-Dealers, CTAs, FCMs, and independent system developers with existing customer bases.

Privately-brand Collective2 for your own business

If you are broker, CTA, or system developer, you can privately-brand C2 for your own use.

Program Overview and Benefits:

  • Remove the Collective2 brand completely
  • Use your own domain name
  • Offer an always-updated track record of your strategies
  • Rock-solid C2 Auto Trade Technology: customers follow your trades in self-directed accounts
  • Our platform handles compliance obligations
  • Variety of business and subscription models
  • Completely customized look-and-feel
  • All technology runs on our servers. No maintenance or programming required
  • Let C2 process your credit card subscription payments OR pay flat monthly fee per user

Customize the look of your web site

Some examples of Websites powered by Collective2 technology:

SureSignals uses Collective2 technology, but has customized the look-and-fell of their site. They offer their own trading strategies for one all-inclusive monthly price, which includes the ability to Auto Trade the strategies at a compatible broker.

How we work with

  • Introducing Brokers
  • Broker-Dealers & FCMs
  • Trade Signal Providers
  • CTAs
  • Offer to your clients our “evergreen” library of trading strategies.
  • No more running strategies on TradeStation, and then quickly typing orders into client accounts!
  • Let your clients trade any C2 strategy in their self-directed broker accounts… it happens automatically.
  • Remove references to all other brokers from your private site.
  • Optional Re-brand Collective2-provided strategies with your own brand names.
  • Optional Mark up Collective2-provided strategies to earn reseller profits on strategy subscription
  • Hide all other brokers from your private-branded platform.
  • Optional: Allow your RIAs, CTAs, and Introducers to create their own “private sites” while locking down their customization options to ensure they meet your compliance standards.
  • Completely customize the look and feel of your private-brand web site.
  • We support multiple business models: per-strategy subscription pricing or “all-you-can-eat monthly” membership models.
  • Let the C2 Platform handle the technology of keeping an updated track record, and AutoTrading.
  • Appropriate for web sites with 50 or more subscribers.
  • Sell to retail investors monthly “subscriptions” to your trading strategies.
  • Traders follow in self-directed brokerage accounts using C2 AutoTrade technology.
  • This activity can be separated from your other CTA activities.
  • Collective2 is an NFA member.
  • (Optional) Use different branding so that strategies you offer on your private-branded web site do not interfere with your other CTA activity.
  • (Optional) Choose whether to keep your strategies exclusive to your private web site, or to also offer them on the main web site, for additional revenue.
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