Matthew Klein

Founder and CEO

Matthew Klein founded Collective2 LLC. In addition to leading C2, Matthew is also a novelist. He graduated from Yale University, and is a Stanford GSB dropout.

Matthew lives in Westchester County, New York, with his wife Laura, his two sons, and a whippet.

Francis Gingras

Head of Automated Trading

Francis has been developing software since the DOS days. One day, in the mid-nineties, frustrated by TradeStation 4’s limitations, he decided to create his own software to automate his personal trading.

He fell in love with the idea of not having to monitor a computer all day to place trades. This project eventually evolved into TradeBullet, a commercial automation tool for traders launched in 2004. 

In 2006, he co-founded Trade Integration LLC, a company devoted to providing advanced server-based AutoTrading for all Collective2 systems.

Francis holds a MBA from the University of Wales.

Vladimir Stojic

Lead Software Developer

Vladimir eats Perl for breakfast, munches SQL for lunch, and sleeps on a bed made entirely of Linux servers.

In 2004, he single-handedly developed and started a MetroEthernet ISP company called BEOGRID, which operates to this day and serves about 5,000 homes with high quality symmetrical broadband internet access.

Today, Vladimir develops the software underlying the Collective2 Platform, and oversees C2’s hardware and software infrastructure.

He lives in Devon, UK with his wife, Sandra, and their daughter, Aleta.

Bob Svancara

Head of Super Secret Projects

Bob graduated with a degree in Computer Science at UJEP University in Brno, Czech Republic. For his first job, he worked in the IT department of an engineering company. After that, he moved to a company that employed people with disabilities, where he worked as a team leader of programmers.

He then founded his own company that developed software for construction businesses. As he became increasingly attracted to financial markets and social trading, he decided to join Collective2 in 2009.

He lives with his wife Alena in the beautiful town of Boskovice in the Czech Republic.

Alen Salvador

Customer Help Manager

Alen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, Major in Journalism. She was one thesis defense away from earning her MBA degree when she decided to go backpacking in Europe.

When Alen is not managing the Collective2 Help Desk, she does freelance writing.

She lives in Toronto with her husband and their four kids.

Lorant Vari

Consulting and Integration Manager

Lorant has spent the last 18 years in various roles at financial services companies, including nearly a decade at a large, international brokerage in Central Europe. 

As Project Manager he leads the development for Collective2’s PlatformTransmit, API, WebTrader, and the Collective2 Israel site to name a few.

He lives in Transylvania with his wife and two little kids.

Marc Meyerson

Customer Trading Support

Marc spent nine years as a trading assistant and market maker at NYSE and then traded his own Futures account for the 8 years following.  More recently, he ventured outside the markets and helped manage the customer service desk for the leading seller of business-to-business greeting cards.

Marc lives in Hoboken, NJ with his girlfriend and Siberian cat. He completed his first Triathlon last summer and graduated from Lehigh University with a BS in Finance.

Megan McGinley

Onboarding Concierge

Megan has been in various sales roles over the last decade. She enjoys showing the Collective2 website to interested Investors and helps them figure out if this unique product is a right fit for them.

Megan has a bachelor’s degree in Operations Management. She is from Rhode Island but spends most of the year traveling while working remotely.

Daniel Alexander

Customer Trading Support

Daniel started his decade-long career in finance as a yellow jacket on the floor of the LIFFE exchange before moving into private client sales and trading for London-based brokerage houses.

After getting itchy feet and a desire for adventure, he upped sticks and moved to Asia for over 10 years, living in Thailand, South Korea, and China, working as a teacher and a language center manager.

Daniel graduated from Anglia University, Cambridge with a BA Honors degree in Business Economics. He currently lives in Moscow with his Russian wife and young daughter.

Thiago Dalleck

Web Designer

Thiago has been working as a web designer since 2009. He is experienced in the areas of travel, distance education, financial and digital marketing, with a focus on lead conversion using creative and functional design.

His career spans over 12 years as a designer for marketing agencies in Brazil, Argentina, the US, and Canada. He is highly skilled in designing and developing websites, landing pages, and email marketing, plus front-end coding and UI design.

Thiago is also a professional photographer and writer.

Adetunji Ojekunle

Web Designer

Adetunji is a UX specialist with good experience in frontend development.

He has had the opportunity to work closely with product development teams managing product concept, design, development right up until product end life.

Adetunji lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He enjoys photography and trains a cohort quarterly on the portrait photography.

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