Professional Plan Pricing

Set-up Fees

One-time Set-up Fee

Configuration and training for all ProSite Plan administrative modules including strategy selection, style, content management system (CMS), brokers, and customer management. Set-up fee is included when selecting annual billing.

Monthly License Fees

Professional Plan 

Includes up to 10 site owner strategies and 1000 user-seats. Additional strategies are $29/mo per strategy. The site owner sets prices for strategies and retains 100% of subscriber fees when using self-service billing and credit card processing.  Please set up a Stripe account for processing payments on your ProPlan. 

The ProSite Plan owner processes its own payments for subscriptions or monthly membership access to strategies and applies subscription credits to users. A “user-seat” is defined as any unique customer records you import, manually add into customer management screens, or customers who register directly on your ProSite. This includes administrator accounts.  

Professional Plan
Platinum Edition

Includes up to 25 site owner strategies, 5000 user-seats, and enhanced administrative features. Additional strategies are $19/mo per strategy.

Monthly AutoTrade Fees

Autotrade Fee
Starting at $49/mo/live
“connected” sub

When a user subscribes and then chooses to AutoTrade in a live, “real-money” account for any of your own strategies, or strategies you are reselling from the C2 Network, there is a monthly AutoTrade plan that is required. This is a flat fee regardless of the number of trades and applies to all supported instruments (stocks, options, futures & forex). There are no additional performance or asset management fees and no transactional or commission mark-ups.

The AutoTrade plan is billed under your site name appended with AutoTradeNow and is a separate charge from any strategy subscription fees. 

AutoTrading using the ProSite Simulated Brokerage Account is completely free of any AutoTrading fees. Users may receive signals-only (via email) without an AutoTrade plan.

Reseller Mark-up Fees

Mark-up Fee
30%/mo/live sub

ProSite owners may “resell” any strategy in the C2 marketplace using a mark-up model. You determine the mark-up amount for the C2 strategies displayed on your ProSite and we charge 30% of the gross mark-up revenue amount as our Processing Fee.  C2 takes care of credit card processing for resell strategies and bills ProSite subscribers directly for AutoTrade fees.

Other optional features and services

Your questions, our answers.

What is the cost for a ProSite Plan?

ProSite plans have set-up fees, monthly license fees, monthly autotrade fees, and reseller processing fees. You can find a detailed explanation of the pricing model here or it may very well be somewhere on the page where you are reading this answer.

Who determines the pricing on my ProSite?

You do. ProSite license owners set the pricing for their strategies and can mark-up C2 strategies any amount above the listed price in the C2 marketplace. You can offer coupons for sales and promotions and provide customers with discount pricing.

How do I acquire customers for my ProSite? Do you have any tips for starting a ProSite reseller business?

All forms of digital marketing including search, display, and social advertising are effective for driving traffic and awareness of trading strategies and AutoTrading. Many resellers have had success with webinars, email, and content marketing.

What are the typical resale margins for Collective2 strategies?

With thousands of active strategies in the C2 marketplace, there are many opportunities to discover and promote strategies that allow for attractive margins for resellers. There are no typical or average margins but we would recommend targeting markups that result in 30% net margins to account for customer acquisition costs.

How many resellers does Collective2 currently have? Do you allow for any reseller exclusivity?

We don’t make available the number of C2 ProSite operators or provide exclusivity based on region or any other factor.

What’s your payment process for markup subscription fees?

We remit your money electronically through PayPal or other electronic transfer methods. If you live in a country where PayPal is unavailable, we will negotiate an alternative payment method for you. There may be an additional fee for these non-standard or non-electronic payment methods. You are responsible for all fees charged to you by Paypal or the alternate payment mechanism.

What can I customize on my ProSite? Does C2 provide custom site design services?

All ProSite Plans come with a pre-built, customizable marketplace view with your name on it. Your name and logo will also appear on the strategies you own and those that you resell.

You can use our content management system (CMS) to make your marketplace reflect your personal brand. We give you control over your site’s domain name, site logo, color scheme, page layout and more. You can always go back and make changes as your business grows.

C2 has limited internal design and user experience resources for customizing ProSite plans. Please ask your C2 account executive or send an email to for referrals to design agencies.

Can I move over subscribers from strategies I manage on Collective2 to my ProSite?

The ProSite Plan is designed for strategy developers, newsletter publishers, advisors, or brokers who can “bring their own new subscribers” to their site. Soliciting or migrating subscribers from Collective2 strategies you publish on C2 or marketing on C2 forums to promote a ProSite is not permitted.

How does Collective2 calculate the hypothetical results of a trading strategy?

Here is how we do it: How Collective2 calculates results.

Who will provide customer service to my customers?

Your ProSite Plan customers are your customers. You can configure your contact pages and other help information with support terms and policies for your site. All emails related to user registration, strategy subscriptions, AutoTrading, and related communication is branded with your ProSite Plan name and sent through the Collective2 platform.   

Can I charge my customers advisory fees, performance fees, or utilize other compensation models?

The ProSite Plan supports both integrated and self-service billing. For your own strategies, you may charge and bill customers however you’d like. However, Collective does not calculate strategy high water marks, AUM management fees, or provide any measurement related to variable fee compensation.

Can I charge my customers a flat membership fee for accessing strategies on my ProSite instead of a per strategy fee?

Yes, the ProSite plan supports a membership fee model as an option for your own strategies.  

Can I get a referral bonus, affiliate fee, or other compensation from brokers for new accounts opened on my ProSite?

You are welcome to contact Collective2 compatible brokers to inquire about referral or other payments available for introducing accounts to a firm. You can configure any affiliate or new account tracking links in the administrative module of your ProSite Plan.

If you are a broker using the ProSite Plan and wish to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please send an email to

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