Futures Strategy Developer Urges You to “Never Catch a Falling Knife”

Software developer and trader does his homework.


Amal T.
Trader Leader | Day Trader Futures

It wasn’t until Amal T.’s company went public 10 years ago, requiring him to open a brokerage account, that he become a trader.  His trading journey began along a familiar path, as an expensive  hobby.

In Episode 13 of Top Trader Radio, Collective2 trader leader and software developer Amal chats with Charley about familiar topics including automation, keeping emotions in check, and strategy recalibration. He also humbly attributes some of the success of his strategy to an overall strong, trending market.  

Amal’s Day Trader Futures strategy is long only trend-following strategy that trades the S&P 500 and Nasdaq emini futures. 

The biggest misconception to start trading is that you need a great deal of financial knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, it helps, but it’s all about understanding the psychology of trading and keeping emotions in check.

Amal T.
Trade Leader, Day Trader Futures 

Amal, owner of Quantfundsystems.com, is a retail trader and programmer with over 15 years experience trading and investing in the Indian and U.S. markets.

He has combined his knowledge of IT and markets to build automated trading systems that enable him to manage his family’s funds. Amal believes automation keeps emotions in check while letting him enjoy other aspects of life.


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