Danny Merkel: Minimize Stress with a Systematic Approach

Portfolio manager and trader says the money is in riding the trend.


Danny Merkel
Trader Leader | The Momentum of Now

It took a high school business teacher’s stock market competition to inspire the interest of Danny Merkel, the Trade Leader of the The Momentum of Now  trading strategy. Danny’s successful 10-year career in trading (mostly individual stocks of a wide variety, across many sectors) is methodological and rules-based: cut losers, let winners ride. 

In Episode 11 of Top Trader Radio, Charley explores Danny’s rigorous systematic approach to trading, the best advice he’s ever received, and the benefits of varying stocks across many sectors. He even dives into the future of Bitcoin from a trader’s perspective. At the end of the day, Danny says, you need to learn to think in terms of the next 1,000 trades; position sizing and a little perspective is everything.  

When it comes to Bitcoin, you need an exit strategy. If you don’t manage the risk, it could end up really bad.

Danny Merkel
Trade Leader, The Momentum of Now

Danny Merkel is a trader from Toronto, Canada with over 10-years of experience. He applies Trend Following strategies to individual stocks and ETFs. You can connect with him on Twitter or follow his 3 strategies on Collective2.


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