David Stephens: Indices vs. Stocks? Do what works for you.

Computer scientist and trader encourages exploring your trading preferences.


David Stephens
Trade Leader | SystematicBlue SP500

This week our host Charley Wright welcomes David Stephens, a Silicon Valley software director and C2 trade leader to the podcast to discuss his background, start in trading, and his popular long-only strategy SystematicBlue SP500.  David prefers indices over individual stocks, an approach that he believes to be of much lower risk with less dependency on ‘market noise’. It’s important, David says, that every trader find what works for them. 

According to David, whose day job has him working regularly with the likes of Nasa, BMW and Boeing, the amount of trading advice out there can be overwhelming. At the end of the day, be it mean reversion or price action, nobody can argue with what is working for you

I’ve made every mistake there is to make when it comes to trading. You have to make mistakes in order to learn.

David Stephens
Software Director, Trader | SystematicBlue SP500

David Stephens is a Computer Scientist currently employed as the Director of Software Development at a Silicon Valley industrial software firm. For the last few decades David has lead a global team of software developers and digital signal processing experts to produce industry leading digital signal analysis and vibration test control systems used in aerospace, satellite, automotive, defense, and other industries. Companies using software developed by David and his team include industry giants such as NASA, Boeing, BMW, etc.

David’s personal passions include equity markets and systematic trading, computer automation and control systems, and artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms. David has been involved in systematic, computer aided trading since the arrival of internet trading and trades his own funds. Some of David’s commercial trading signals are published at Collective2.


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