Paolo Geronazzo’s ANTARES SP500 Trading Strategy has 3-ways to shine

Manager believes the future looks bright (we couldn’t resist) for his blended, multi-signal strategy.


Paolo Geronazzo
Independent Trader | ANTARES SP500

After several failed attempts at discretionary trading, Paolo Geronazzo returned to his programming and IT roots and began developing rules-based, automated trading strategies. Many years of rigorous back-testing later, a mean-reversion strategy targeting the S&P 500 E-mini Futures emerged as “the star” and ANTARES SP500 was born. 

In this episode, Charley and Paolo go into great detail about the workings of his strategy and the methods used to succeed with a contrarian model in what has seemed like a relentless bull market. Hint, ANTARES SP500 has more than one way to shine.  

I opened an account and lost all the account trading discretionary. From that point I decided to trade only with mechanical trading systems.

Paolo Geronazzo
Independent Trader

Paolo has over 25 years of programming and IT experience in various industries.  He was lured to the financial markets during the dot-com days of 2001 during which time he began to use his programming skills to develop automated trading systems.  He is now a full time trader designing and managing proprietary trading strategies for his own use and a prominent Swiss financial institution.

Paolo lives in Varese (Italy), near the Swiss border.


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