Richard Metzger prefers pragmatism and probabilities to the pursuit of perfection

Engineer chipped away at hundreds of strategies to settle on a few


Richard Metzger
Founder, Lead Developer Quant Algorithms 

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Episode #8

GD Singh challenges conventional wisdom but follows common sense

Approach respects market forces yet seeks to circumvent herd mentality.

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Episode #7

Brad Pappas proves that green portfolios can stay well in the black

Strategies identify sectors and stocks screened for a variety of ethical and social issues.

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Episode #6

Alessandro Cocciola’s strategy has experienced 4 years of good “Carma”

Strategy uses price, volume, and liquidity to construct long/shorty equity portfolios.

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Episode #5

IQBroker’s Daniel Tochner has 18 ways to make you a better trader

Learn more about Collective2’s first Preferred Trading Platform.

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Episode #4

Paolo Geronazzo’s ANTARES SP500 Trading Strategy has 3-ways to shine

Manager believes the future looks bright (we couldn’t resist) for his blended, multi-signal strategy.

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Episode #3

John Netto takes trading performance measurement into the 3rd dimension

Veteran professional futures trader has got your “Netto” number.

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Episode #2

Mario Randholm on the importance of thinking risk management first

Charley interviews Mario Randholm, Trade Leader for the options premium selling strategy R-Option. 

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Episode #1

Collective2 Founder Matthew Klein on the genesis of “C2”

Listen as Charley talks to Matthew Klein, the CEO of Collective2, about the genesis of the online peer-to-peer trading and investing marketplace.

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