Managed trading programs for Investors

ScoutAlpha is offered by C2 Financial Technology LLC (”C2FT”). It consists of trading programs based on Collective2 trading strategies. It allows investors to include automated trading strategies as part of their overall portfolios without requiring the time and effort of selecting and monitoring strategies. Trading will be managed and monitored by C2FT without the day-to-day involvement of the investor.

How it works

Investors will open a dedicated trading account at Interactive Brokers. Trading authority for the account will be granted to C2FT, a Commodity Trading Advisor. All investor funds will remain at Interactive Brokers solely in the investor’s name.


The ScoutAlpha trading programs seek to offer:

  • Real-time monitoring of component strategy trades
  • Automated risk management controls

ScoutAlpha Programs

ScoutAlpha offers two programs:

  • ScoutAlpha Index Trading Program
  • ScoutAlpha Electorate Trading Program (available Q4 2016)

The information in this Presentation relates solely to the ScoutAlpha Index Trading Program and the ScoutAlpha Electorate Trading Program (”Programs”) offered by C2 Financial Technology (”C2FT”), and does not address any additional trading programs that may be offered by C2FT at any time.

The information contained in this Presentation is accurate as of the date indicated and reflects present intention only. This information is subject to change at any time, and C2FT is under no obligation to provide you with any updates or amendments to this Presentation.

The information contained in this Presentation is not complete and does not contain certain material information about C2FT and the strategies underlying the Programs, including important risk disclosures. Accordingly, the Presentation must be read in conjunction with, and is qualified in its entirety by, the Disclosure Document for the Programs dated May 25, 2016, as amended or updated from time to time (”Disclosure Document”).

An investment in either of the Programs is not suitable for all qualifying investors, and C2FT is not, and does not purport to be, an advisor as to legal, taxation, accounting, financial or regulatory matters in any jurisdiction. Before making an investment in either of the Programs, you should independently evaluate and judge the matters referred to in this Presentation and thoroughly review the Disclosure Document with your professional advisor(s) to determine whether such an investment is suitable for you in light of your investment objectives and financial situation. This Presentation is not a solicitation to invest assets in either of the Programs or any other investment products managed and/or advised by C2FT. Any solicitation of an investment may be made only by delivery of the Disclosure Document and other appropriate documentation to qualifying clients and only in those jurisdictions where permitted by law.

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