Earn a percentage of Performance Fees and a percentage of Assets Under Management

ScoutAlpha is Collective2’s managed CTA service. Our combination of automated software and human managers will select the best-performing futures trading strategies on Collective2, and will construct blended strategies that will be offered to investors through a Collective2-affiliated CTA.

How it works

Just manage your Collective2 trading strategy as you normally do. You do not need to do anything different. If your strategy is selected, we’ll let you know, and we’ll begin to blend your strategy into a product that we offer to investors.

What you can earn

You can share in the management fees (based on assets under management) and in the percentage of profits generated. The share you earn will be based on the overall ScoutAlpha performance, in addition to your relative performance against other managers.

Common questions

Can I continue to charge monthly subscription fees?
You can continue to charge monthly fees to all Collective2 subscribers. Nothing will change. In addition, you’ll be able to reach a new set of customers through ScoutAlpha. ScoutAlpha customers will be different than typical C2 customers. They do not have time or inclination to manage their own C2 subscriptions and AutoTrading. For these customers, you’ll be compensated through ScoutAlpha’s management fees and performance fees.

Do I need to be a registered CTA to collect these fees?
No. So long as you do not market yourself as a CTA, and so long as you do not market the ScoutAlpha products to investors, you are not holding yourself out to the public and do not need to register as a CTA.

Want to learn more?

Just tell us you’re interested in learning more about ScoutAlpha. We’ll evaluate your strategies, and – if you qualify – we’ll reach out to you with a formal agreement that you can evaluate and sign.

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