Publish Signals at Collective2 with QuantConnect

Backtesting and Optimization

QuantConnect is a platform that helps traders develop, improve, and optimize their trading strategies. It provides traders with access to exclusive historical data, advanced technical analysis tools, and an intuitive interface so that they can thoroughly evaluate their strategies before using them in live trading. This gives traders a solid foundation for presenting their strategies to potential followers on

Strategy Publication and Verification

Once a trading strategy has been developed and refined using QuantConnect, traders can easily publish their strategies on, a marketplace for trading strategies. This allows traders to connect with potential followers who are interested in proven and reliable approaches. By showcasing their strategies on, traders can gain exposure to a large community of traders who are actively seeking new trading opportunities.

Track Record Verification and Transparency

Collective2 offers a key feature for leaders: track record verification. Traders can connect their QuantConnect account to Collective2, allowing the platform to independently verify their trading results. This integration gives potential followers confidence by providing transparency and ensuring the accuracy of the reported performance. Verified track records are essential for leaders who want to attract followers and build trust in their strategies.

Auto-Trading and Trade Replication

Collective2 offers a feature called auto-trading, which allows followers to automatically copy the trades made by leaders. This makes it easier for followers to trade and eliminates the need for them to manually copy the trades themselves. This improves the overall user experience for followers. Leaders can use this auto-trading feature to attract and keep more followers, because it offers a convenient solution for followers who want their trades to be executed automatically.

Revenue Generation

One of the key benefits of the partnership between QuantConnect and Collective2 is that it allows leaders to monetize their trading strategies. By attracting followers who choose to copy their trades, leaders can generate income through subscription fees or profit-sharing arrangements offered by Collective2. This incentivizes leaders to keep improving their strategies, as their success is directly linked to the success of their followers.